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GPS Tracking for Lumber Trucks


GPS fleet tracking will help cut costs and improve the efficiency of your lumber hauling fleet.  

Lumber Fleet Tracking System

Cut Costs

GPS Insight allows you to monitor how your trucks are used, which reduces fuel costs. Labor costs can be reduced when you use the GPS data to cross reference time claimed vs. time actually spent working. Monitoring driver behavior also reduces accidents, which will save your business a significant amount of money. Knowing when a vehicle is stolen will reduce replacement costs.

Verify Productivity

Using GPS Insight Landmark reports, your management team can label job sites, suppliers, and wholesalers to view information on your fleet’s daily productivity.

Optimized Routing

Immediately dispatch or route a driver without picking up the phone. Send optimized routes to a drivers smart phone or Garmin device and send/receive messages from drivers in a few simple clicks.

Proof of Job Completion

Driver Notes grant the ability for your drivers to upload a photo of the items they delivered with a timestamp, and also a detailed description of what happened on the job. You no longer have to worry about invoice disputes when you have the assurance of getting precise proof from drivers. 

GPS Tracking - Attach Picture to a StopGPS Tracking - Attach Picture to a Stop

Identify Who Is Driving Which Vehicle

Driver Identification is important when employees frequently drive different trucks. This helps you pinpoint who made a delivery and when so that you know more than just which truck it was.

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