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GPS Tracking System for Lumber Companies


GPS tracking will help improve the efficiency of your lumber fleet.  

gps tracking for lumber fleets

Optimized Routing via Garmin

Immediately dispatch or route a driver without picking up the phone. Using our Garmin Integration you can send and receive messages via SMS text messaging, email, or on the Garmin itself. Through Garmin technology, know the best route to take with the ability to view real-time traffic and also respond quickly to changes in location from client or company needs.

gps tracking for lumber fleets

Identify Your Drivers

Driver Login alerts give your operators the ability to know who is in which truck and when. These warnings also provide you the ability to know if your vehicle is being stolen or used at odd-hours. 

gps tracking for lumber companies

Proof of Job Completion

Driver Notes grant the ability for your drivers to upload a photo of the items they delivered with a timestamp, and also a detailed description of what happened on the job. You no longer have to worry about invoice disputes when you have the assurance of getting precise proof from drivers. 

GPS Tracking - Attach Picture to a StopGPS Tracking - Attach Picture to a Stop

Verify Productivity

Using GPS Insight Landmark reports, your management team can label job sites, suppliers, and wholesalers to view information on your fleet’s productivity.

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Additional Information

gps tracking for waste management trucksSanford and Hawley Case Study

GPS Insight was able to assist in capturing a theif who stole one of Sandford and Hawley's trucks along wth a vending machine at their location over night. In this instance, the GPS tracking system enabled Sanford and Hawley to avoid having to buy a new vehicle and replace any equipment that may have been taken.

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Case Study

GPS Fleet Tracking Case Study
Keeping a 125 Year Old Company On Track

We get a notice of a truck idling after 15 minutes, and this has allowed us to substantially cut idle time...

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