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Tree Service and Landscaping Tracking System


GPS Insight provides Tree Service and Landscaping companies with ability to oversee the efficiency of their vehicles and workers.

Track Tree Service & Lawn Care Fleets

Supervisors are able to track their vehicles in real-time, gathering the data needed to take full control of fleet operations. The more knowledge you have about your fleet, the better you will be able to cut costs and improve productivity.

Save on Fuel Costs

With the ability to observe driver behavior, managers are able to cut down fuel costs and establish more efficient driving habits. GPS Insight will eliminate excess speeding, idling, and unauthorized vehicle usage. Assign the most efficient routes to job sites, which also reduces miles driven. Also, integrate your fuel cards to report on fuel fraud and flag non-fuel purchases.

Cut Labor Costs

When your crews know that their vehicles are being tracked, they immediately become more productive. Additionally, GPS Insight helps increase productivity by streamlining communication, ensuring you dispatch the right vehicle to each jobsite, and keep vehicles on the road with maintenance scheduling. All of which reduce downtime and guarantee your crews are as productive as possible.

Increase Crew Productivity

GPS Insight gives supervisors the capability to track start and stop times of employee shifts for the day, where they are, how many stops they made, and how many jobs were completed. Your management team can use this to compare time cards for padded hours. Reducing your employee overtime will not only increase the productivity of your crews, but also create a big cut in costs.

Send Location Information to 3rd Parties

If you need to send your fleet’s location information to partners of yours, you can easily do so with GPS Insight. Send your partners an API or customer map showing them the vehicles they need to see in real-time. This will help you coordinate and get the job done more efficiently.

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