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Tree Service and Landscaping Tracking System


GPS Insight provides Tree Service and Landscaping companies with award-winning software, enhancing fleet manager’s ability to oversee the efficiency of their vehicles and workers.

gps fleet tracking for landscaping fleets

GPS Insight empowers tree service and landscaping companies with the ability to oversee their fleets productivity at all times. Supervisors are able to track their vehicles in real-time, retrieve reports on start and stop times, and track or prevent unauthorized usage or overtime use of the vehicles. The more knowledge you have about your fleet, the better you will be able to manage their productivity. 

Save on Fuel Costs

With the ability to observe driver behavior, managers are able to cut down fuel costs and establish more efficient driving habits. 

  • Eliminate excess speeding and idling times.
  • Assign the most efficient routes to job sites.
  • Reduce risk by identifying unauthorized vehicle usage.

gps fleet tracking for landscape companies

Cut Labor Costs

GPS Insight gives supervisors the capability to track start and stop times of employee shifts for the day, where they are, how many stops they made, and how many jobs were completed.

  • By knowing where your vehicles are at any time, it allows to you track if your employees are taking the long way to get from place to place, going home during the day for lunch or a nap, or falsifying hours. Reducing your driver overtime will not only increase the productivity of your fleet but also create a big cut in costs.

Vehicle Tracking for Landscaping Fleets

Increase Efficiency with Garmin Integration

Using Garmin integration with our GPS Insight software, supervisors are able to promptly dispatch their drivers without any hassle. Through the Garmin technology, managers can send and receive messages via the Garmin itself or through SMS text messaging. For any customer calls, make sure your trucks get to their location in the quickest amount of time by planning the best route for your drivers. Increased efficiency equals more time to complete more jobs per day, and that means more money in your pocket.

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Additional Information

delivery fleet tracking systemWithin two weeks of implementing GPS Insight's fleet tracking system, Wright Tree Service found an opportunity to save $80,000 per year in fuel costs...

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Case Study

GPS Fleet Tracking Case Study
Wright Tree Service Recognizes Significant ROI

Within two weeks of implementing GPS Insight, WTS found an opportunity to save $80,000 per year...

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