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Hours of Service Solution


GPS Insight’s Hours of Service (HOS) compliance automation leverages the field proven strength of eFleetSuite™ and the ELD-1000 to deliver superior safety and productivity for your fleet. 

 Hours of Service Solution

Reducing violations and improving CSA scores are just part of the story. Integrated Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR) will eliminate the paper chase so common with this required documentation and ensure that your vehicles are better maintained. Drivers will appreciate speedy and error-free roadside inspections and the extra time they will have on tap to be more productive. Our HOS solution complies with the current FMCSA 395.15 requirements and is guaranteed to comply with ELD mandate requirements. 

Fleet & Driver Benefits:

  • Roadside inspections are quicker and less stressful
  • Fines for common violations are virtually eliminated
  • Drivers spend more time being productive – less on paperwork
  • Office time spent auditing driver logs for compliance is dramatically reduced
  • Cost of paper forms is virtually eliminated
  • Integrated DVIR automation leads to better vehicle maintenance, fewer violations
  • Real-time data on driver availability and location enhances logistics decisions
  • Better compliance can reduce insurance premiums
  • Driver turnover can be reduced leading to less recruiting cost and fewer new hire accidents

HOS EOBR Driver OverviewHOS EOBR Driver Log Grid View

Key Features:

  • Complies with current and future FMCSA rules
  • DVIR integration prompts inspections pre and post trip
  • Motion screen reduces driver distraction, ensures drivers know remaining hours at all times
  • Support for team drivers and multiple vehicle use by drivers in a single day
  • Web-based applications secure and accessible via PC, tablet, smartphone
  • DVIR inspection defects and vehicle equipment lists are totally customizable
  • Superior log editing reports ensure required compliance and enhance in-house audits of changes to electronic driver logs

To learn about all of the features download the HOS Features list.

Additional HOS Information:

Download Hours of Service (HOS) Features PDF  Download EOBR Solution PDF  Download EOBR Device Spec Sheet PDF

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