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Vehicle Tracking Software - Features


GPS Insight Vehicle Tracking Software

GPS Insight vehicle tracking software combines real-time robust functionality with a simple, intuitive interface. Monitoring and dispatching your vehicles has never been so easy.

Dashboard Interface

Dashboard Interface

The Dashboard is a snapshot of your fleet's activity. View maps, graphs, reports, and more. (PRO/ENT ONLY)

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Mapping Platform

Mapping Platform

Choose from dashboard, fullscreen browser, or 3D mapping  to track your vehicles or assets in real-time. 
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Exception Alerts

Exception Alerts

Receive exception alerts via email or SMS that enable you to proactively manage your fleet 24/7.
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Fleet Tracking Reports

Vehicle Tracking Reports

Powerful vehicle tracking reports to provide you the exact information you need, when you need it.
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Set parameters to trigger alerts, reports, and maps to deliver even greater insight into your fleet's activity.
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Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Easily track and communicate with your fleet from anywhere, at any time.
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Integrate GPS vehicle tracking data

Data Integration

Integrate GPS tracking data with your other business applications.
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Fleet Messaging

Fleet Messaging

Send and receive text messages to and from your drivers via SmartPhone or browser.
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Historical Fleet Data

Historical Fleet Data

Go way back to see fleet history and reporting data.
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Integrate Garmin with Vehicle Tracking

Garmin Integration

Send optimized stops and messages via Garmin navigation device. (PRO/ENT ONLY)
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Hierarchy Capabilities

Hierarchy Capabilities

Massively simplify your administrative and reporting needs for large implementations. (PRO/ENT ONLY)
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Wex Fuel Card Tracking

Fuel Card Tracking

Generate reports on all fuel card transactions and identify fuel card fraud.
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Schedule Maintenance Reminders for your Vehicles

Maintenance Module

Easily schedule reminders, track costs, and log all service/maintenance for your vehicles.
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Identify drivers in each vehicle you track

Driver ID

Assign drivers to vehicles and keep tracking of activity based on driver in addition to vehicle. (PRO/ENT ONLY)
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Show customers your tracked vehicles on a map

Customer Maps

Provide YOUR customers with a map to see exactly where your vehicles are.
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