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GPS Tracking System: Improve Invoicing Accuracy


gps tracking improves invoicing accuracy 


Detailed reports allow you to determine and defend the exact amount of time to invoice a customer.

gps tracking improves invoicing accuracy   Improve Invoicing:

Many fleet-based businesses depend heavily on time consuming record keeping to stay on top of invoicing responsibilities. GPS Insight can simplify this task, enabling you to keep more efficient records and save valuable time. Determine exactly how many times a particular location was visited in a given period of time and how long your vehicle remained on the premise. Exact dates and times can be produced in the case of an invoicing dispute.

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Customer Testimonial

Fleet Tracking Customer Testimonials "Having GPS Insight has helped us cut down our collection issues. Even if the customer disputes the charge, once turned over to collections, it doesn't stand up when we copy our GPS records to them. It has been valuable to us on several occasions. By all means, share this information with others.”

-Sheila Hylton, Dayton's Pest Control

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