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GPS Tracking System: Improve Response Times


improve response with gps tracking 


With GPS Insight, you can see your drivers’ locations at all times, updated on a map in real-time.

gps tracking real time location   Real-time Location:

When an order or a call comes in, you can enter the address to see it on a map, or to get a list of the closest vehicles from a particular group and their status.

gps tracking garmin messaging   Garmin Integration:

Using our Garmin Integration, instantly dispatch a driver without picking up the phone. You can send and receive messages using Garmin or SMS text messaging, as well as plan the best route for taking real-time traffic into consideration. In order to remain competitive, any fleet-based business must have the ability to respond quickly to changes in client and/or company needs. Implementing a GPS Insight Fleet Tracking Solution will make this possible.

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Customer Testimonial

Improve Reponse Times with GPS Tracking "Dispatching is easier now and the technology enables us to respond to client requests more effectively and efficiently, resulting in better customer service. Our Dispatch Department is more efficient and our response time has decreased by 10% across California."

- Kip Bagley, EMCOR

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