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improve customer service with gps fleet tracking 

Not only is it important to GPS Insight that we keep our customers happy, but more importantly that you keep your customers happy.

GPS Insight provides you with the tools you need to improve your customer service. Always knowing where your vehicles are allows you to respond quicker to customer emergencies and to location inquiries, serve more customers, and confirm job completion.

gps tracking helps with custoemr emergencies   Customer Emergencies:

GPS Insight allows dispatch to find the closest vehicles to a particular location and send directions to the driver via email, SMS text message, or to a Garmin Navigation system.

respond quicker to customers with gps tracking   Give Better Estimated Time-of-Arrivals:

If a customer wants to know where your service vehicle is or how long it will be before the tech arrives, you can easily check your real-time GPS Insight maps and get an estimated time-of-arrival from the GPS Insight dashboard to give an accurate answer.

serve more customers with gps tracking   Serve More Customers:

When your drivers know they are being tracked, they become more efficient at each jobsite. When your dispatch has the tools to re-route a driver in a moment’s notice, your fleet becomes more efficient. This allows you to serve more customers in less time, which means more money in your pocket.

complete more jobs with gps tracking   Confirm Job Completion:

If a customer claims you have not shown to a particular jobsite, you can verify their claim by simply checking a vehicle’s history.

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Customer Testimonial

gps tracking testimonial "Knowing where our entire fleet is at any given time gives our project managers the capability to efficiently locate and dispatch the nearest crews to respond to any and all emergencies. When we locate the nearest crew, we are able to use the maps provided and route the best (shortest) way to the emergency location. This eliminates managers having to pull up MapQuest to get the suggested route."

-Western Utility Contractors


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