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Extend Vehicle & Asset Lifecycles


Prevent costly maintenance before it’s too late, saving you valuable time and money.

gps tracking diagnostic alerts   Maintenance Scheduling Made Easier:

GPS Insight will help you monitor maintenance. You no longer have to worry about sidelining vehicles or dealing with the costs associated with overlooked maintenance. Schedule all of your maintenance within the software to prolong lifecycles and reduce replacement costs.

gps tracking with remote diagnostics   Simple Cost Tracking:

Each time maintenance is completed, enter in details, including the cost associated. Your maintenance costs will then be reportable by vehicle/asset or in total. This allows you to quickly track maintenance costs without having to use another software to do so.

gps tracking with remote diagnostics   Remote Diagnostics:

You also have the option to receive vehicle diagnostic information and diagnostic trouble code alerts to help prevent valued vehicles/assets from being forced off the job. Based on the type of vehicle (light duty or heavy duty), a large number of diagnostic measurements, alerts, and fuel consumption data are available.

automated maintenance reminders   Automated Maintenance Reminders:

GPS Insight will alert management and/or drivers when scheduled maintenance is due for a vehicle or asset. This can include anything from oil changes and tire rotations, to vehicle registration renewals and warranty expirations. Be alerted via text message, email, or on the GPS Insight dashboard. Be proactive and protect your vehicles and your business. 

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Customer Testimonial

GPS Insight Customer Testimonials "Maintenance and repair costs have dropped through the floor. We log our maintenance right within the software so that nothing falls between the cracks.”

-Adam Beech, Pool Agency

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