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GPS Tracking System: Extend Fleet Life


gps tracking extends your fleet life 


Prevent costly maintenance before it’s too late, saving you valuable time and money.

gps tracking with remote diagnostics   Remote Diagnostics:

GPS Insight’s diagnostics-capable GPS tracking device combines GPS tracking with remote diagnostics. Based on the type of vehicle (light duty or heavy duty), a large number of diagnostic measurements, alerts, and fuel consumption data are available.

gps tracking diagnostic alerts   Maintenance Alerts:

GPS Insight knows your vehicles’ odometer readings, and will alert you to upcoming/overdue maintenance based on your exact schedule. Our diagnostics-capable devices will alert you to trouble with your engine, and will tell you if your vehicle will pass a smog test.

Breakdowns are costly due to lost business, as well as time wasted getting the vehicle fixed, and paying your tech for the unproductive time. So be proactive and protect your vehicles and your business.

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Customer Testimonial

GPS Insight Customer Testimonials "I truly believe that the GPS Insight Diagnostic Trouble Code Report saved us hundreds of dollars of unnecessary repairs.”

-Matt Klock, AlliedBarton

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