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Manage your fleet from anywhere while on-the-go.

GPS Insight Mobile App for iPhone & iPadGPS Insight Mobile App for Android

With the GPS Insight Fleet Tracking Solution, you don’t need to be at your desk in order to stay up to date with your fleet. On any iOS or Android mobile device, you can view vehicle location and current status, send messages to your drivers, and much more.

GPS Insight Mobile App

  • See your fleet's location and current status
  • Supports standard, satellite, and hybrid maps
  • View true location with Google Street View
  • "Follow" vehicles in real-time
  • Receive an alert when a selected vehicle stops or moves
  • Call, text, or send a Garmin message to your drivers
  • See closest vehicles to your location, other vehicles, landmarks, or a specified address
  • Get directions to/from vehicles
  • Easily create landmarks/POIs with 1-click

Google Maps for Mobile

  • Available for smart phones such as Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Phone, etc.
  • Supports map, satellite, and hybrid modes
  • See your vehicles’ whereabouts and stop times
  • Get directions to/from vehicles


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