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Garmin Integration


Integrate with Garmin PND’s to dispatch and communicate with your fleet.

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Garmin Dispatch & Communication Benefits 

  • Simplified dispatch
  • Reduce fuel consumption and mileage
  • Safely communicate with drivers without the distraction of a cell phone
  • Keep drivers on track with turn-by-turn directions

  Garmin Integration      Garmin Integration

Garmin Dispatch & Communication Features 

  • Send optimized routes or updated next stop to each driver
  • Receive turn-by-turn directions both audibly and visually
  • Instantly communicate with drivers (either free form messages or "auto" e.g. Yes, No, OK)
  • Driver can send messages and responses (either free form or "auto" e.g. Yes, No, OK)
  • Driver can send their status (from a pick-list of options which you can define)
  • Add a stop name to a dispatched address (e.g. Warehouse #2)
  • Driver can enter “activities” that will show up in GPS Insight reports
  • Dispatch multiple vehicles to the same location using the "Closest To" dashlet
  • Check the time a Garmin message or dispatch item was sent, delivered, viewed, and marked as complete by the driver


Garmin Custom Forms for Mobile Data Collection 

This feature provides unique data collection, based on your specific business needs, integrated with GPS Insight. Custom forms improve the way you manage your mobile workforce from the field without all the traditional paperwork.

  Garmin Custom Forms - Job Order Example      Garmin Custom Forms - Job Type Example

Garmin Custom Forms Benefits 

  • Gather data from the field in real-time to be more efficient
  • Eliminate time wasted with paper submission
  • Drivers can take the Garmin device from the cab to record data on-the-spot
  • Expedite billing, identify crew members for payroll, track inventory, log pre and post trip inspections, and much more

Garmin Custom Forms Features 

  • Design and send your own custom forms through the GPS Insight portal
  • Drivers can quickly and easily fill out the forms and send back over-the-air
  • Data can be gathered via API, Reports, or CSV file

Compatible Garmin Devices 

Check which Garmin devices can integrate with GPS Insight. Compatible Garmin Devices


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