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The GPS Insight Dashboard interface is a snapshot of your fleet's activity.

GPS Insight Dashboard

The Dashboard interface allows you see where your trucks, vehicles, and other assets are in real-time with current status information. It also provides users with the tools necessary to take full control of fleet operations from one screen.

Arrange, customize, name, save and share several configurations of workspaces. Moveable windows called “dashlets” provide insight via real-time maps, vehicle location lists, alerts, graphs, messages, landmark visits, and more. Individual dashlets may be moved around the screen, re-sized, added, or removed.

Schedule reports, set up alerts or administer your vehicles, drivers, and user groups easily from our efficient web-based interface.

GPS Insight Dashboard InterfaceGPS Tracking Dashboard Interface

  • 30+ configurable drag and drop dashlets available
  • Choose between 1-4 columns per dashboard with different width and height options
  • Customize each dashlet with multiple options and save your customizations
  • Choose a single vehicle to follow or groups of vehicles to view on real-time maps
  • Configure icons, address format, speed and time thresholds to your preference
  • Save multiple dashboard layouts with all options exactly as you require for future use
  • Up to 50 separate dashboard configurations can be saved on a per-user basis


Additional Information:

Free GPS Tracking Dashboard Demo Video

Dashboard Demo Video

An overview of our GPS Insight Dashboard interface


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