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Track State and Municipal Vehicles


GPS Insight provides state and municipal supervisors with simplified, yet powerful fleet management software.

state and municipal vehicle tracking

Cutting costs and stretching the budget can be one of the primary goals of Government fleet managers. GPS Insight will help increase your employee productivity and safety while decreasing the cost of fuel, payroll, and even in contesting lawsuits.

Reduce Fuel Costs

Fuel costs are a major expense for fleets that can be immediately addressed with vehicle tracking software. Reduce speeding and unnecessary idle time that amount for a large amount of wasted fuel. GPS Insight also eliminates unauthorized vehicle usage which cuts back on miles driven and total fuel consumption.

Improve Public and Driver Safety

By monitoring unusual driving habits, Government fleet managers are able to enhance the safety of their drivers and vehicles. Vehicle tracking software can help minimize the risk associated with speeding, unauthorized usage, stolen vehicles, and lost drivers.

Reduce Your Fleet's Carbon Footprint

In the United States about 33% of all GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions come from cars, trucks and SUVS. (www.epa.gov/climatechange) GPS Insight will provide evidence of your GHG emissions so that you can monitor your fleet’s reductions monthly.

Provide Proof

State and Municipal fleets have the potential to lure in lawsuits. Fleet tracking software allows users to go back as far as needed to look up the history of a specific vehicle’s location and activity data, which could will help refute any claims and prove job completion.

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Watch our Webinar: GPS Tracking Buyer's Guide for Government Fleets. During the webinar, learn the key criteria government fleet managers need to consider in order to experience a positive GPS tracking buying experience.

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