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Fuel Card Reporting


Integrate your fuel cards with GPS tracking for more visibility.

gps fuel card reporting

GPS Insight customers who have Wright Express (WEX), Fleetcor, Comdata, or Speedway fuel cards can generate reports based on all fuel card transactions, and more importantly, see flagged activity where a specified vehicle was not present for the associated purchase transaction.

Analyze fuel card activity with these GPS Insight Reports:

  • Fuel Card Transactions - Details about each fuel transaction to help identify fuel card fraud
  • Fuel Card Usage - Summarized fuel efficiency and fuel consumption
  • State Mileage - Vehicle mileage and fuel transactions organized by state

GPS Insight customers do not pay anything extra for this valuable functionality. If you are not a WEX, Fleetcor, Comdata, or Speedway customer, let us know and we will get you the necessary materials to become one – free of charge!

If you are a current customer or would like more information about fuel card tracking, please click below and a representative will contact you:

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