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GPS Insight Fleet Tracking Functionality: Routing


Improve Productivity and Fleet Efficiency with Optimized Routing.

Make sure you are saving miles/hours/dollars by streamlining your drivers’ daily route. By utilizing intelligent and optimized routes, your fleet’s efficiency will be significantly increased. Fewer miles driving to customers in the wrong order, less fuel, less labor, less maintenance, and happier customers all adds up to a significant advantage for your company after installing the GPS Insight Fleet Tracking Solution.

GPS Tracking with RoutingGPS Tracking with Garmin Integration Routing

  • Various routing functions help you to ensure the most optimal routes for your fleet
  • Optimize the order of your vehicles’ stops, using your highway/speed/distance preferences
  • Categorize your customer locations to easily create and optimize routes
  • Determine inefficient driving behavior using the Driver Efficiency Report
  • Compare your drivers’ actual route to your set route on Google Earth to visualize your drivers’ behavior
  • Send your drivers’ daily routes via SMS Text Message, Email, or via a dashboard mounted Garmin PND
Free GPS Tracking Routing Demo Video

Routing Demo

An overview of our GPS Insight Optimized Routing

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