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GPS Tracking for Equipment Rentals


The GPS Insight fleet tracking system will improve the way you manage your construction equipment rentals. 

gps tracking for equipment rentals

Track Your Equipment with Ease

GPS Insight provides GPS tracking services for both rental equipment and the vehicles used to transport heavy equipment. From any computer or mobile device you will be able to monitor the amount of time it takes for your equipment rentals to be delivered. You will also know exactly where they have been, when they arrived to the job site, and the length of stop time including any idle time.

keep tracking of rental equipment with GPS tracking

Recover Stolen Equipment

GPS Insight will give you peace of mind knowing you will be able to locate your rental equipment if it were ever stolen. You can setup notifications to be alerted when your equipment is moving off-hours or if the equipment is where it should not be. GPS Insight’s real-time mapping allows you to report the location to the authorities so that you can recover your equipment as soon as possible. This value-add can save your equipment rental company time and money on replacing what was stolen. 

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Additional GPS Equipment Tracking Information

heavy equipment tracking"There is no way a company like ours can afford not to own your solution with this functionality!"

- Evan Ahern, Ahern Rentals 

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