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Big Savings with GPS Tracking


GPS Tracking System

Learn how Crescent Electric Supply Company, a national electrical distribution company, realized big savings by implementing the GPS Insight fleet tracking system.

This case study contains valuable information that details how CESCO was able to control costs, increase customer service, and streamline routes and delivery runs by using GPS tracking.

Topics covered in the case study include:

  • Cutting fuel costs
  • Extending the life of your fleet
  • Monitoring your fleet in real-time
  • Improving estimated delivery times
  • Enhancing customer service

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 CESCO Case Study

Crescent Electric Supply Company

    Big Savings with GPS Tracking Case Study

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GPS Tracking Testimonial
"The support from GPS Insight has been unparalleled, and the ability to manage our company assets and have them a click away is simply AWESOME!"

Burnett Thackery, CESCO