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Track Delivery and Distribution Fleets


Tracking your delivery and distribution trucks is the ideal way to increase customer satisfaction with accurate ETA's.

Track Delivery and Distribution Trucks with GPS 

Real-time Vehicle Location

With the ability to track your delivery trucks in real-time, you will be able to effortlessly know where the vehicle is, when the vehicle will be at its delivery location, and whether or not they took the quickest route to the location.

Instant Notification of Your Delivery Fleet’s Activity

GPS Insight Alerts send live messages to yourself, other supervisors, and even your delivery drivers, to notify of any specific problem or activity. Alerts will provide you with the knowledge of when your drivers are speeding, idling, stopped for a long period of time, driving during odd-hours, running late, and many more. You can even automate alerts to notify customers that the delivery will arrive shortly so that they are prepared, making each delivery quicker, allowing you the opportunity to make more deliveries per day.

Keep Deliveries on Time

Optimize your drivers’ routes, sending them via Garmin integration or to their smartphones for turn by turn directions. You can also ensure they stay on time by setting up an alert that notifies you and/or the driver that they have spent too much time at a particular customer location and need to get moving.

Provide Proof of Delivery

GPS Insight allows users to go back as far as needed in the software to look up the history of a specific vehicle’s location and status at any time. This is a very valuable customer service offering for delivery fleets because you will be able to provide proof of delivery. Whether you want to automatically send reports to customers as proof or need to refute a claim, GPS Insight has your back.

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