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Track Construction Trucks & Equipment


GPS Insight tracking software will change the way you manage your fleet of trucks and equipment forever.

track construction trucks and equipment

Reduce Construction Truck Fuel Costs

Whether you have small pick-up trucks or heavy duty construction trucks, there is certainly room for improvement. Use GPS Insight to significantly cut unnecessary vehicle idle times that would otherwise add up to a great deal of wasted fuel. Eliminate any unauthorized truck usage to help cut back on miles driven and excess fuel consumption. You can also integrate your fuel cards with GPS Insight to generate fuel card reports that flag non-fuel or fraudulent fuel purchases.

Dispatch More Efficiently

GPS tracking will save your construction business both time and money with convenient dispatching capabilities. Your dispatchers quickly find trucks and equipment on GPS Insight’s powerful maps and send the appropriate asset to the next job site through Garmin integration, text message, or email. You can control your fleet’s movement without ever having to pick up the phone, making dispatching much more efficient than ever before.

Proactively Extend the Life of Trucks and Assets

Maintenance and asset replacement costs are a main concern for construction businesses. Use GPS tracking to know what is being underutilized and what is overworked so that the usage can be distributed effectively. You can also schedule all of your maintenance and set up reminders so that you don’t skip repairs and run into larger problems down the road. You also have the option to receive vehicle diagnostic information and diagnostic trouble code alerts to help prevent valued vehicles/assets from being forced off the job.

Recover Stolen Assets Faster

You will be alerted when a construction truck or piece of equipment is moving during off hours or leaves a landmarked/geofenced area. You can then report its current location to authorities to ensure a quick recovery that will ultimately save you money on replacing what was stolen. GPS tracking will give you peace-of-mind knowing your expensive assets are secure.

Improve Billing Accuracy

You no longer have to chase a paper trail and hope that total hours on site for billing purposes are accurate. Using GPS Insight, you can view detailed reports to determine the exact amount of time to invoice customers. This will help you provide hard evidence during customer disputes.

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