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Construction GPS Tracking


The GPS Insight Fleet Tracking software will change the way you manage your fleet of vehicles and assets forever.

GPS Insight allows construction companies to easily track crews, heavy equipment, and other valuable assets.

gps tracking for construction companies 


Reduce Construction Truck Fuel Costs

  • Significantly cut unnecessary vehicle idle times that would otherwise add up to a great deal of wasted fuel.
  • Eliminate unauthorized usage which cuts back on miles driven and ultimately reduces risk.
  • Generate fuel card reports to flag non-fuel or fraudulent fuel purchases.

Proactively Extend the Life of Vehicles & Assets

  • Know what is underutilized and what is overworked so that the usage can be distributed effectively.
  • Schedule Maintenance Alerts so that your fleet can stay at work for longer.
  • Receive vehicle diagnostic information to be alerted of trouble codes, preventing valued vehicles/assets from being forced off the job. 

GPS Tracking for Heavy Equipment

Recover Stolen Assets Faster

  • Save time and money on replacing what was stolen.
  • Have peace-of-mind knowing your expensive equipment is secure.

Improve Construction Worksite Compliance

  • You don’t have to be on site to know if your crew is adhering to hours-of-operation restrictions.
  • Be alerted when a crew enters a restricted access area.

GPS Tracking for Construction

Improve Billing Accuracy

  • No more unnecessary paperwork.
  • Detailed reports allow you to determine the exact amount of time to invoice customers.
  • Provide hard evidence for customer disputes.

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